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&Jorge Pahl.We danced for the first time togheter in Barcelona in 2008 and  we still perform and teach togheter when requested.  
It is always a pleasure to dance with him as he understands a lot of the sensibility of this dance and I will never get tired to admire and to recognize dancer with  real love for music, and Jorge is one of them. 

&Oliver Kolker.Oliver, a friend, a teacher, an amazing dancing partner. We started dancing togheter in 2005. 
He was inspiration to find and keep the love and passion for teaching. Oliver is an excelent teacher. There is almost no other dancing partner that I miss as much as I miss old times with Oliver. Fun, with no stress, nice friendship and inspiring. 
Oliver Kolker can comunicate, is a very original performer and by far the most effective teacher that Ive seen in action. 
If you ever have the chance, dont miss the oportunity to spend time with him and learn.


&Aoniquen Quiroga

&Javier Rodriguez

&"Pibe" Avellaneda

&MORE And then for years now, without a "fixed" partner (reasons apart) ,I met with great men to share 
moments of a perfomance and lessons. Some of them being better experiences than others, but in the end willing to dance and to 
share .

Countless performances, all of them pure improvisation.

My most sincere "Thank you" to each one of them as I did 
and I do still learn a lot from all. 





Still want to see videos?

Visit my YOUTUBE Chanel and find the lists with some of the dancers. 

Fernando Gaudio
Lucas Galera
Javier Diaz 
Pablo Garcia
Paulo Bidart
Meng Wang 
Aoniken Quiroga
Edwin Cardenas
Octavio Fernandez 
Edmundo Thomas
Claudio Solorzano 
Santiago Steele 
Adrien Ronceray 
Jorge Nel 
Guillermo Cerneaz
Carlos Copello 
Jorge Juanatey 
Jeremias Masera 
Marco Palladino 
Tony Barber 
Claudio Blanc
Stefano Fava

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